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our story

Elysian was founded by Alistair Durie in 2000. Since opening, a lot has changed. Coffee trends have come and gone, methods of brewing have been debated and refractometry as a quantifiable assessment of cup quality has been discussed.

After years of changes, innovation and strange arguments, one thing has become clear: regardless of what you’re into, good coffee should always be presented with humility.

At Elysian, we do all the fine tuning in the background so when you come for coffee it’s simple, delicious and doesn’t keep you waiting. Whether you like coffee that’s covered in chocolate, doused with cream or black, we’re here to brew coffee that doesn’t make you roll your eyes.

our culture

Who we are is defined by our staff and customers. Although this definition is constantly evolving, a few things will always remain the same—delicious coffee, friendly staff and good vibes.


You like working in a cafe because you've done it before.
You’re stoked to do things well because it makes you feel good.
Wouldn't be surprised if you hold the door for strangers.
Oh, and you're definitely an optimist.

Sound familiar? You should probably apply for a job at Elysian.

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